Mean as bro! The guide to talking like a Westie here in Auckland

So! I was talking to a colleague of mine about stuff and something exciting happened to me. I don’t really remember what it was but it was exciting…just take my word for it. So there I was regaling her with my achievements and she burst out saying ‘That’s mean as bro!”. I was like ‘Huh??? No, no you’re not listening to my story right and how can that make me mean?” She laughed and said “No, it was just an expression to say ‘wow that is good!’”

My interest was piqued so she told me a few more and I thought it would be ‘wicked’ to share it with you.

Wicked: Very good, great, fantastic, fabulous..etc

Example:Having KFC on the beach while your roasting under the sun and the surf high is wicked.


Choice: Also has the same meaning as Wicked

Example:“I like having a wedgie between my buns of steel” says Audrey to her mate who replies “Choice”.



Example:How you doing G?

*Please note that only females should use this to address their friends unless you’re a cross dressing ho who likes spandex.


Bro/Mate:Friend, dude, mister…etc

Example: Wud up bro? or How you doing Bro?


Wud up bro?: How are you doing? What are you up to?

Example: Wud up bro? Looks like good weather for fishing are you keen?


Keen as!:Willing to participate

Example:Keen as bro! Don’t mind going fishing with ya.


Dry balls: Very dry sense of humor a.k.a lame

Example: Audrey tells a lame joke to her group of friends. One of them responds “Gawd, she’s such a dry balls”


Legend:Hero, the good guy, fantastic at what he does…

Example:Audrey did a hole in one at a miniature golf course and shouted to her friends “I’m a bloody legend! Did you see that hole in one???”


Get a perm:

I don’t have an example for this but it’s been a pretty popular here in Auckland. It’s mostly used when two or more people are talking to each other and then silence ensues then someone says ‘get a perm’ and everyone cracks up laughing. It’s weird…I can’t explain it to be honest. I’ll find the video of the ad (as that was where that term was coined) and see if you can get Kiwi humor.

I found it!

Till Then


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