Her name was Ivy- or so she said

I’m preparing for dinner at MOH parents place then we will head off to the Met for a farewell party + birthday party for Li Yang and Stefan. Good times ahead, I’m gonna miss one of my closest friends here in New Zealand (well anywhere in the world really) when she goes over to Wellington to work for a year on contract in what I think is one of the most coolest jobs!

Reminiscing back, I don’t think I made a very good friend to her. Sure, I listened to her when she was not feeling too good about herself and said stuff that I thought might help. But I wasn’t very much the conventional friend. We rarely went out together where it was just the two of us (though I know she would have loved to do this more). We rarely did girly things like window shop and we hardly gossiped about other people. But I think what makes her so dear to me is that she lets me be myself as I am stingy, egoistic, loud, quiet, grumpy, gloomy and an all round pain in the backside. I hope she feels the same way about me too. Very rarely do I make friends and when I do I find it pretty amazing since I think maintaining friendships is one of the hardest things to do. I tend to drop friends who are too ‘high maintenance’ or whom I think would not suit my personality. Basically anyone who makes me uncomfortable or force me to put in the extra effort as this makes me want to run to the hills in panic. Yeah, I’m not that nice a friend am I? So imagine my surprise to see that throughout all these years Li Yang has been there for me and it’s weird but also very humbling. Ahh, I’m gonna miss you and your intentional lame jokes Li Yang. Don’t forget to email me your work email so I can spam you sometimes when I am at work.

I am reminded of an occasion where we had just finished class and we were trying to get to know each other so we stop by Starbucks for a cup of something sweet.

Audrey: Ah, I need $10,000 to put in my account so that immigration can see that I have the money to stay here while studying. But I totally forgot about that and paid my students fees already. What am I going to do????

Li Yang: Oh, really? No problem I can lend you $10,000 once my funds have been released. I should be able to lend it to you next week?

Audrey: Oh wow! You sure? That would be great! Thank you! Save me heaps!

Li Yang: Sure, sure no problem.

Another friend was there and he looked at us like we were crazy and said “Hey I need $10,000 too since you guys are so willing to swap money around”. -_- We didn’t understand why he was so flabbergasted back then but we do now. Back then, we didn’t even think twice about doing this sort of thing but after finishing Uni and working an 8-5 hour job I finally realize the importance of money and seeing how trusting she was and (maybe foolish?) and how big an act of generosity it was. The me back then is eternally grateful and the me right now will never forget such an incredible act of kindness. I owe you one.

Here is to many more years of friendship Li Yang.

Till Then



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5 responses to “Her name was Ivy- or so she said

  1. Dude,

    I totally feel the same way as you do about mates who are too ‘high maintenance’ 🙂 sometimes a handful of good friends is all you need!

    Hey, I have a new blog too 🙂 Time to leave xanga!


  2. Finally! Every time I visited I would be ‘logged out’.

  3. liyang

    This is one of the best posts you have ever done, I totally suggest you should write more of me. Thanks sis 🙂 I will email you from work once I knwo how to rock this palce. At the moment still feeling a bit lost.
    Btw I had the craziest dream ever last ngiht, not sure if I should tell you or not. Basically it invovles you me and Bron..ah…very disturbing indeed.

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