For Haiti @ Powerstation

Wow, I can’t believe I manage to get up at 8am this morning after two massive night outs this week! The concert last night was super awesome and the sets played by all the artist were incredible. I totally love the vibe that was going on and the night was perfectly capped off with King Kapisi who totally rocked the place up.  The only thing that wasn’t so great was the attendance and I think only about 100 or so people came when the organizers were expecting at least 400 people. Oh dear, I guess they didn’t have time to market the event long enough for people to know about it. Or maybe the rule of proximity applies here where Haiti is quite far away and Kiwis don’t feel the personal connection like they did when Samoa got hit. I guess the response to Samoa was better because we have alot of Samoans living here in New Zealand and having such a disaster hit so close to home kinda made everyone want to take action or contribute something.  Having said that Mike (Head of Sales and Marketing for the Save the Children organisation) said that they receive $600,000 worth of donations for the Haiti relief fund which dominantly came from New Zealand! Go New Zealand!  I can’t give enough respect to everyone who came that night, to the organisers, The Powerstation team, Save the children team, the generous sponsors and all the artist who took the time to perform (for free!) last night. Good karma all around.

I have a video of the party last night and hopefully I still remember my video editing skills from uni. Stay tuned 🙂 In the mean time will leave you with some photos of some of my favorite people.

Sponsors for the night, Red Bull, Good Water, Coke and Heineken.

I thought this was a very apt  mural in the green room where all the artist hung out before their set

Rainer the awesomest camera woman for the night!

Band members Sano and Sue fooling around while we collecting donations

The two beautiful people who I know that came to the show.

Till Then


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