I have no will power at all

So I went to Harvey Norman yesterday with MOH and dragged Meizi along for the ride. We wanted to go and get a freezer what was suppose to be a half an hour excursion turned to a 4 hour circus with me walking away with not only a freezer but a new laptop as well.

What??? I hear you say! Correcto mundo my little munchkins I went and bought a mutha….of a laptop. Do I need it???? HELL NO! but do I want it? Like a fat kid in a candy store my friend. So I got a an Asus K61lCSeries which looks like the matrix version of Keanu Reeves if he was a laptop all black and  gadgety looking. I read one review and it wasn’t very positive about this model. The glare on the laptop is too harsh, the keyboard not that fantastic and the intel core is lame. The only thing nice dude had tosay was that the cooler part of laptop was top notch. Bah critics! Bla bla bla bla, will come back to you more on how this works after a week or two.

I did the sin of all sins when it comes to buying a laptop. I went in saw it and took the baby home. I didn’t do the sensible thing of walking away and checking the specs out and trawling through the forums. When I say me right, I meant MOH doing all the grunt work. Ha ha ha! I stood there for about an hour thinking about this purchase and the only justification I can tell you is that I get to fork out only about $60 for this baby in the period of 4 years and it’s interest free! INTEREST FREE! But I kena con right? Sucker!

So I was like “ho ho ho, I am so smart”

But when I got home reality struck me in the face like cold water being splashed on you while your sleeping.

I am suppose to save money and I went shopping pulak! What is wrong with me???

Angus to the max yo!

Till Then,

p/s I feel sad and happy at the same time. I think I have buyers remorse and at the same time I feel like I am heading towards a good direction. Why? I have no idea why.



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2 responses to “I have no will power at all

  1. liyang

    geeks…interest free..does nto equal to FREE…anyway happy that you get this thing, looks damn cute.

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