Mystery Solved!

Do you remember that post I did about the missing poultry and lamb?

If not here is the link: Mystery to solve at work!

Well! Update! Meizi was not going crazy as was her first thought! Someone did come into her apartment and stole not only her food but her camera and both the controls to her Wii. Random! The very selective burglars did not steal her laptop which was on the same table that her camera was on. She suspects its her new neighbors. They must have climbed in from her room window which is this tiny slit of a thing. I wonder why they didn’t take everything worth of value. I hope its not a sign that they were so confident that they could come back whenever they felt like it! I think MZ has alerted the apartment manager and he will change her apartment locks. She only realised  that she had been burgled after she found out that her camera was missing. That was when she started looking around her place to see if  anything else  had gone missing.

So there! Case closed.

Till Then


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