Some photos- Haiti event

Hey hey, I stole some photos to share with you from the Haiti event we did last week.

Link:For Haiti @ Powerstation

Video is not up yet 😦 Sorry have been busy being sick but I hope to do a shoddy work and get it out here by Sunday so don’t forget to come back and check it out. I also have some photos from our gig at downtown Auckland where we played in conjunction with the Auckland Day parade and International Buskers Day. Plus I have decided to post my blogs address on my facebook page. So long anonymity! (as anonymous as one can get in the world wide web) I know to some its not a big deal but I always thought that this place was an outlet for me to whinge and talk nonsense to close friends and family. But then again I was thinking that I needed to get myself ‘out there’ in the world of blogs  to help me with my goals. I don’t know if it was the right decision but oh well.

Photos were taken from Jason Yeoh’s facebook page

Picture Time!

Not only was this lady a stilt walker she was also a singer.

She sang some pretty ‘out there’ music which would been much at home in

The Avatar soundtrack

Percussionist section

Ed on the bojangles thingy and his friend on the hit on wood thingy

(I could Google and find out what they are called…neh)

Eric doing his thang and doing it well

Our ‘music director’ Luke

King Kapisi in the house!

Busking on the streets for a day

Intense concentration yo! Check out my shirt…intense!

Upclose view of our bass drums

People were dancing in the streets while we were playing.

This is one thing I love about Auckland eh, I mean you would never see an aunty

and uncle bust out a couple of moves in the street in broad daylight!

Roz rocking the fro.

A pretty photo of Roz with the ferry building as her background

Till Then



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2 responses to “Some photos- Haiti event

  1. Jason Yeoh

    Congrats on coming out of the closet!! ermmm…..I mean going public with your blog!!

    I didn’t know the stilts walker sang that night?? which band did she sing for?? 🙂

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