Insomnia part 2

I have been trying to sleep for the past 3 hours. My head is thumping and my eyes feel heavy so as I try to reach a zen like state to fall asleep so I can go to work later today the only thing that comes to mind is believe it or not…Shin Chan’s infamous butt dance.

It’s kind of sad to know that the mangaka Yoshito Usui who created Shin Chan was found dead by hikers on Mount Arafune after his family reported him missing last year in September. I loved reading Shin Chan, it was one of those mangas that we never failed to buy whenever we could when we went for breakfast in Luyang on Sunday’s with the family. The simple drawings, the crazy family and friends who were around Shin Chan all made for light reading but I like to think that  Yoshito sensei manage to capture us humans at our silliest and put it on paper for all to enjoy and maybe reflect upon? Who knows.

Sigh, ok then now I should go back to thinking zen like thoughts and try to sleep.

Till Then



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2 responses to “Insomnia part 2

  1. I LOVE shin chan too!!! i’ve got a soft toy of him back in msia hehehe.. i used to buy every single vol until i came here.

  2. Shin Chan was so funny! Random and out this world sometimes.

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