Miss Malaysia Universe 2010

Eugenie was working on a hush hush project but now since it is out in the public I am now allowed to bring it here on my blog. Eugenie has been working with her good mates on Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 and they were trying to urbanise the franchise so that it would appeal to the demographic that they were aiming at which was stylish, attractive Malaysian females, who are educated, eloquent, street smart, on the pulse with the world around them and well verse on topical matters that are currently occuring in Malaysia. I have seen their promo video and the formal website and I must say that they are on the right track.

Good work to Eugenie and her team!

So if you think you have what it takes I totally recommend you to join this competition. Having participated in a competition quite similar to this I can confidently say that it is a good experience to have. One will have to deal with the pressure of being judged just by your looks alone (not always a positive thing), handling media, handling photo shoots, handling yourself and the tricky question of hard do I have to sell myself without actually looking that I am selling myself?, handling sticky situations (how does one say no politely without having to knee the fellow in the balls when he is one of the Dato’s sponsoring the event?), handling negative comments about your appearance all the time (this is where self confidence and knowing yourself comes in handy).

If you went into the competition not knowing yourself you will come out of the competition being your own best friend because that is how it is. Everyone is there to win and has a different agenda. Your lucky if you do make friends but most times those friendships would easily crumble if tested. Which is fair enough since most girls apply for such competitions to have a foot in the door be it modelling, mc, tv presenters and so on, not to make life long buddies. Having said that the girls I encountered were bubbly, friendly and down to earth. Sure, I  encountered a couple of divas, crazy lady (as in cuckoo, cuckoo kind of crazy), short tempered models who were either forced into the competition by their agents or were trying to win another beauty pageant since they got second, third and fourth place in the previous competitions. They want to win…badly and woe to those who stand in their way!

See isn’t this enough juicy inside experience to make your blood boil and senses tingle to try something new? If your new to this I can safely assume that it will be one of the major things that has ever happened to you. Good, bad, ugly who cares? Your going to go through all that looking beautiful all the way or at least until the remnants of the last flashbulb from the press remains.

Link: Miss Malaysia Universe 2010

If you do decide to join do let me in the goss.

Till Then,


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