Ok, so enough of  sad blog posts. I try to avoid writing about topics that upset me or I feel strongly about as most of the time it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. However, there are times where I can’t just look away and not do anything. Not that my humble blog can start a revolution but like the saying ‘little drops of water make the mighty ocean’ and my drop into the big big ocean followed by similiar drops from other people will create a wave big enough to create change.

Anyhoo, lets talk about something boring. Ok, lets talk about me! My birthday was last week (yay, happy birthday me) and didn’t do anything special like climb a mountain for charity or fundraised for any worthy causes. It was all very self indulgent. Last Thursday MOH treated me to a rare treat and bought tickets to a concerto which I blogged about here: Thursday night with MOH (man of the house). After that he bought me gelato from Giapo (definitely a must try it’s green tea is pretty awesome) and then we went to play DOTA 2 with the boys. Perfect.

On Saturday (which was my actual birthday) we went to Pocha which is this very popular Korean bar/restaurant/karaoke place. We started out mellow and never really reached the rowdy stage which is a refreshing change for this group. We drank and chatted about everything and continued on to karaoke. I surprisingly got some gifts from friends thanks Terence, Grace and Trang ❤ A bottle of moet, Victoria Secrets tankini (Grace said when I wore it I would just go BOOM in gorgeousness) and Trang bought me a box of cupcakes.

All in all happy times, as I grow older, partying seems more of an effort and staying at home, surfing on my computer watching english subbed running man or some mange seems to be the order of the day. BUT I resist all urges of this nature because we are only young once. Go out, party, drink, eat good food, share stories with friends, exercise and play and work and stay forever young in mind and body.

Bla bla bla


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