I am done!!!!

Wooo hoo, gentle readers know that I Audrey Chong has finally finished the video to apply for the E! News Asia competition. Many thanks to Meizi, Grace,  WL and MOH for the their support and without them this would not have happened and no way would the video have been done in time. Also a warm thank you to S,  Shermayne, Darren, Royline and my parents for encouraging me to just jump and move on forward.  Due to an indecisive nature only at the last minute did I decide to do this. I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into but I must admit it was a really fun process.

I am so shy to show you the video -_-. Onward ho!

Till Then



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6 responses to “I am done!!!!

  1. bro

    looking good sis saw the vid. hope u get it

  2. liyang

    As long as you enjoyed yourself that is all it matters.

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