Happy birthday Maynie baby

Oh no! I have been so self indulgent with my “oh woe is me” act that I totally forgot that 2 days ago was one of my girlies birthday!

This girl is tough, she went through my shit training, never complained, never gave up and gave 110% She is definitely a keeper and I have seen her and Swan grow into beautiful young ladies who are confident and are not afraid to try things. I am so blessed to have met you Shermayne, may we continue to have this  friendship forever and ever.

Though I am late in saying this Happy Birthday Maynie Baby! May all your wishes come true!

‘Borrowed’ from Shermayne’s facebook

Till Then


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One response to “Happy birthday Maynie baby

  1. shermayne

    hahaha!! thanks mamasan for the birthday post! thanks for being part of my life and contributing to my growing up… lol!!

    i love how it’s being filed under Party Pooper. Ahah!!! mwahhzzz!!!!!!

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