Think happy thoughts!

The terrible twins are growing up! Murphy is almost the same size as Claire I always mix the two of them up. Tati as usual is a hellion.

A blur photo of the Terrible Twins

Remember the time that Rainer post post it notes all over our door? Well if you don’t here is the link: It’s been a good night

We still haven’t taken any of the post it notes down so ever so often one of the post it notes will fall and it just so happen that one of the notes fell on fatty bom bom.

Murphy is oblivious to his head gear!

Finally have a break from all the activities that I put myself through for the past few weeks. One of them is baking a lot of Chinese New Year cookies. Well Debbie baked while I… supported her through her trying times. ha!

Freshly baked almond cookies…so hungry…must resist

Puppies and cookies always ALWAYS put me in a nice mellow mood. Goodnight, tommorow is another day to fight on and persevere!

Till Then


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