Cynthia’s birthday

Me  and a few friends attended Cynthia’s birthday do that was held in Brooklyn Bar. When we arrived it was already 11.30pm but there weren’t many people there when we arrived. The group remained small throughout the night but you could see that the people who came were all her close friends and family members which made it a nice cozy event (I think the turnout was small due to the fact that it was Chinese New Year and a huge concert featuring Motown was being held the same night in Napier). To be honest I enjoyed myself. It was nice to be out all dressed up and chatting with friends over a glass of…various happy inducing drinks and not having to shout myself sore in the process. All the girls were dressed to the nines with killer shoes. I ‘borrowed’ the photos from Cynthia’s facebook. Thanks Cynthia! 🙂

Cynthia’s dress was very very nice. She look so gorgay that night!

A better look at Cynthia’s dress. Posing with Jolyn and Pearce (with his normal sexy=seksa pose)

Jolyn, Jo, Pearce, Birthday girl, Eileen (looking hotter than ever), Jacqueline, (wasn’t introduced to the ang moh), Collin

Me and Tiffany

We ended up sitting in the corner of the bar playing balloons with Grace, MOH and Jason.

So far so good, I’m blogging quite frequently nowadays and it’s pretty easy with me going crazy and fun stuff have been happening lately so it hasn’t been that difficult keeping my promise to try and update more frequently. Onward to the good times I say!

Till Then


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