Huh? You want to jadi femes is it?

Alamak, you see la, I tell them what I want to be and then I kena tuduh tumpang glamer and siok sendiri pulak.

I said “If being famous will get me where I want to be then I will work towards it la”.

“Huh??? So you want to be femes la kan? I mean just say so otherwise why go do stuff like that?”

Mentally telling myself to breathe as I swallow my ire “Choosing to do this type of thing won’t mean you become famous”

“Then why do it? Got stable job, good income, house, dogs…just get married la and settle down. Want to do other things pulak”

“You know how sakit hati kah you go and say like that. If you don’t support it then say la but don’t go and pretend you don’t understand and then tell me to do other things” (I was starting to lose my temper)

“Aiyah, change subject la”


Till Then



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2 responses to “Huh? You want to jadi femes is it?

  1. Who’s this person la….if it’s a family member than I can’t say anything. But if it’s a friend then screw them la. Screw all the cynicisms and doubts!! Screw them aaaaaaalllllllllll……….

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