Don’t really want to do anything

*edited! I am usually pretty lenient on my spelling and grammar mistakes but I cannot tahan this entry.

So I browsed through my picture folder and found a couple of winners. I rarely put on makeup but when I do it’s either I look spectacular or have a total ‘failage moment’.

So there I was getting ready to go out on my first night in KL (I had just arrived from a 12 hour flight from Auckland) and I look pretty decent (if I do say so myself).

Love this dress I call it my chainmail dress and I always imagine it gives 15+ on agility.

So I felt really good, I mean SMOKING HOT! I thought I was the shizzle and downright sizzling untill I saw a photo of myself after a couple shots of vodka.

I thought the dress was too low cut so I turned it around, made my eyes look like someone pushed my face into a pot of paint and with semi half closed eyes and a pout…not a good look as the shizzle has drizzled on the party. I met Eugenie that night in the club and she brought me upstairs where it was an invitation only party for her friend Andrea. There were local celebrities and models there that night as well. I was introduced to each and every one of them. We even took a photo together (me and Eug) from a professional photographer who was covering the party. I mean I couldn’t have picked a better time to have a ‘failage’ moment!

Anyhoo, I was horrified when I saw the photo so I went to the toilet to try and salvage the damage (and my dignity) but what do you know the makeup would not come off and I wore the wrong bra so had to cancel the idea of wearing the other side around. So much for making a good impression on MOH’s friends. Speaking of MOH friends, they were so happy to see him and proceeded to get roaring drunk (as one does on a tropical holiday).

A couple of  hours later all three were holed up in the room torturing MOH while I went back down to have supper with friends. All I know is when I came back two of them were on top of MOH. I checked my camera the next day and there were some pretty discriminating photos in there. MOH was so drunk that I gleefully invited my friends up to have a look at the damage. We even manage to take a group photo!

Better cover the face la…quite the horiffic


One of my favourite photo of me and my siblings. Love you!

This is what we did every night (well almost!) in KK

Wayne and Joey, you guys are a bad influence! Alot of drinking, eating and dancing and sometimes doing that all at once.

Dancing on the table ain’t nothing new. But having bodyguards dancing with you is pretty cool

Ha! Trust me, Joey didn’t look too good in this photo but everything else was hawt!

I’m going to continue looking through my old photos.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Till Then


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