Outdoor Concert

Hey hey! It’s 12.15am (Monday morning now) and I just got back an hour ago from a super concert! Much thanks and love to MZ who ask me to go for free as she had a spare ticket. What a great way to usher in the new week. Guess who we saw perform today at a beautiful stage amidst a vineyard that was filled to the brim with wino’s (wine lovers)?


MZ ( in her new baby doll dress her mum mailed over for CNY)who sponsored me the ticket. So nice of you la!

Is this called a crochet detail? It’s on the hem of the dress making it look so cute.

Love the pattern!

Quite a huge crowd and it wasn’t even full yet. This photo was taken around 5.30pm

Camera man taking a video of the crowd who then ham it up for the whole concert goers to see and be amused at some of the antics.

The stage

The view from where we were. Although we were quite far from the stage the big TV on the right was super clear and we could see the whole performance with no problem at all.

Guess who we saw perform last night?

Boogy woogy like no tommorow.

The venue at dusk is so pretty.

It’s a good thing we brought the sleeping bags as it started to get very cold around 8pm

Excuse the dirty lens but that was what we saw at the end of the show. Heaps of cars lining up to leave the venue after the show.

(Left click if you can’t see the photo)

Videos from the show will be up next once I have uploaded all onto youtube.

Good morning!

Till Then


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