Sun, sea and Samoyed

We were walking the dogs on the beach on Saturday and it was such a beautiful day. We wanted to bring them for a run and hopefully tire them out so they would be too tired to make a ruckus. They did go home wet and happy and plonked to sleep as soon as we brushed the sand of em and fed them dinner.

The next morning we get a phone call from MOH mum to say that Chile was hit by an earthquake and th at there was a Tsunami warning for us not to go to the beaches. We went to fill our gas tank and the at tendant told us that his mate who was staying in a bach up North woke up this morning to find th at all the tide was unusually low and then all of a sudden the sea water rushed in and it looked like a massive washing machine.

That is quite scary since we let the puppies play in the sea on Saturday while the tide was coming in and waves kept coming and at one point I thought they were going to get pulled in! I choked a little and it’s and I’m not really sure if you know wh at I mean. So I shall show you with a video.

I had to end the video abruptly as there were people walking over to us and our dogs love to walk up to them to say hello but some people don’t like that, you know? Anyhoo, while the puppies play Claire barks and runs over (well she skips and hops) to the strangers and their chihuahua gets all angus on her and starts yapping and hyperventilating. The owner quickly scoops up the little gremlin and walks away shaking her head. I’m like ugh! If you knew your dog was anti social why didn’t you guys go somewhere else when you saw us there with our dogs. Annoying. By the way in case your wondering we were walking our dogs at Bethells beach at the off lead area. Heaps of people with their canine family members were there. I love going to this beach! I haven’t been to one for ages ever since some of the beaches up North were closed due to some poisonous sea slugs. A few dogs had died while their owners were walking them on the beach as they ate the slugs and died on the spot. I mean it did happen at the beaches on the North side but one can never be too careful, you know?

Till Then



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5 responses to “Sun, sea and Samoyed

  1. yeah man have to avoid the seas. too dangerous. tsunami alert!

  2. MZ

    haha i went into that hole….kinda..half way….charlie was too scared to go all the way and we kinda ran out scaring outselves…

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