Happy Birthday Charissa! update with photos!

Just got back from the Shana’s birthday! Will be back later with more details and photos.

Looked through the photos from the party and it just makes me smile! Saw my work mates in a whole different surounding and I think we should definitely do this more often. So a party out west yo! If your in Auckland you’ll know that westies have a reputation to be wanna be gangstahs, one of the ‘hoods’ in Auckland and full of dodgy characters and girls who like to party. Ye~ah!

Let me tell you now it’s all true and more!

Good job to Charissa and her shana’s for the deco of the place, you guys scrub up good ! Jokes! in case you hadn’t notice the theme was ‘Pink and Black’.

I must have seen something extra disturbing

MOH and Charissa’s mum who flew all the way from Perth for this special occassion.

This is Hayley who has the meanest full sleeve! Its like a work of art.

Tara who flew from Melbourne to celebrate Charissa’s birthday, The birthday girl and me ( who should get her butt back to the gym from the looks of this photo! but my skin looks fab here, don’t you think?)

Believe or not these two hot ladies are Charissa aunt (with the flaming red hair) and her grandma. Yes!!! Her grandma!

To be continued…. gonna go watch Alice in Wonderland with Meizi and the housemates! Laters 🙂


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