Alice in Wonderland- movie review

I saw the movie last Sunday and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

I don’t really like Tim Burton’s movies or do I? As a friend unkindly pointed out when I made a fuss about how all Tim’s movies were scary “Well for someone who doesn’t like his movies you seem to know a lot about them”. Which promptly shut me up and made me think that maybe just maybe I am indeed a closet Tim Burton fan which the more I ponder upon the more sense it makes.

Anyhoo, onward ho from the dribble and onto the good stuff! Alice in Wonderland was definitely a feast for the eyes with all the colour, imagery and wackiness that Tim Burton manage to infuse without making it look like a movie one should watch after puffing a few sticks or eating a couple of magic brownies. However, having said that I have to say I was skeptical about the Mad Hatter having ugly eyes with the most botched up makeup mankind has ever seen. I am afraid to say that I was right. No matter how hard I tried I could not justify the makeup. I just couldn’t! The makeup and costume on all the other characters was spot on. Hatter’s costume was as per what one would want of a crazy man who makes hats for a living but must he look like someone poured acid on his face and then tried to compensate by pouring fairy dust into his eyes and getting a drag queen on speed to put his eye make up on? I just can’t fathom it!

Another character I could not stand was the Virgin Queen, I mean the White Queen/Princess. Are you telling me that a being of pureness and all that is light and beautiful had to be acted out so mockingly. It really made me want to walk across the seats and b*tch slap the woman. The excessive fawning, the constant spirit fingers but the saving grace was when Anne Hathaway worked the role a bit more and you could see a glimpse of a true queen, a queen worthy of Underland.

Believe it or not they called it Underland instead of Wonderland and I couldn’t stop giggling as Underland just brings to mind a field full of cows with their udders bursting with milk. Can you imagine it? Alice in Udderland!

Now, I will try not to spoil it for you, the movie is set 13 years after Alice first falls down the rabbit hole and she is on her way to a party of some sorts. Her betrothed is a man who was born to be comical with a beaklike nose and puggy looking eyes. I found him quite attractive actually in a morbid sort of way. The story moves at a medium pace and lets you enjoy the view. The colours and characters are interesting and although it has a predictable ending (what doesn’t nowadays?) the quirky and slightly scary looking characters (even the white queen looks like she indulges in a little bit of S&M) keeps the movie interesting. Helena Bonham carter was absolutely perfect for role of the Red Queen. Perfection as one can find on a rose bulb or a perfectly heart shaped bulbous head.

Alice was a bit ho hum -yawn but I think it is quite hard to look interesting and when one is surrounded by characters that looked like they escaped the asylum held especially for rejected characters of the Looney Tunes. But her character was strong and feisty and who doesn’t like a feisty woman who is witty and in the end knows what she wants?

Would I recommend you to watch it? Yes, most definitely but do watch it with a slightly forgiving slant which I had to do or else I wouldn’t have been able to watch the whole thing without crying foul! As beloved characters are butchered, enhanced and given a personality one wouldn’t necessarily think it was for the better.

But meh~ who am I to tell you what to watch and not watch. You can decide for yourself.

Till Then


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