Attention Ledies!

Ah! A few days ago was a down moment and having a long term relationship is hard you know?

Anyhoo, this is so embarrassing! The spelling and the fact that ladies still don’t know how “wi wi” properly is so faaaarrneee! Warning sign found in the ‘ledies toilet’ placed in an insurance company here in Auckland.

Why liddat wan??? Hahahahahahahahahahhaah!!!!

Ambarassing you know?

Onward to less funny stuff, no news from the E! News Asia crew BUT I have heard from my powderful grapevine that the female spot might go to Sarimah Ibrahim (who is one funny funny chick and she talks with only one side of her mouth) or Marion Caunter (who is gorgeous but there is nothing I find endearing about her hence no funny quirks for me to make fun of).  So there is my inside goss for the time being! Don’t forget where you heard it first!

Now I have been checking out this groups youtube videos and I gotta say if you like Korean pop you will enjoy or hate with a passion the team at Seoulbeats. A video below for your perusal. To those who don’t even like Korean Pop skip the video.

Link: Shin Dong Vs Fat Chicks

I also found this website called UnseenTV. Can someone tell what are they about? Their channel isn’t really user friendly (someone should fire the webmaster). When I click the ‘about us’ section all you get is random videos and images. The blog section is terrible, I mean what does a woman have to do to find out what a particular site is about?

Link: UnseenTV

While I am typing this my psycho neighbors are screaming in their underwear again. I think there is like a ho living in our neighborhood. She is always screaming “get away from me” to her partner (boyfriend to those who don’t know that you call your bf ‘partner’ after you have been with them for 2 years as that is as binding as being in a marriage here in baa baa land. They even advice you to sigh a document to protect your assets so that when you do break up you won’t have to split your assets 50-50. Nice if your a gold digger with no shame, not so nice if your earning big $$$ but partner is a gold digger and a lazy farker). I call her ho cause she will scream and shout and then get back into the car again after they finish fighting @_@. What is that about???

Speaking of ho’s my friend of many years back in KK has told me the most shocking thing! People I know who I went to church with for about 3 years are actually sexual perverts with kinky naked photos to boot! Oh what I would do to get those photos! I would so post i here and write about how looks can be so deceiving. This people are actually the ‘nice ones’ in church but with their clothes off (just thinking about it makes me want to do a power chuck out my window) they are just as kinky as you and me. How I use to hate their holier than thou attitude. Worse! So anyhoo, my friend lets name her A was good friends with B and when B broke up with her bf C , A kena tackle by C so A and C became an item. So they had fun la you know as couples do. But A realised that B was avoiding her so A sent a friendster message to ask for them to be friends again. B never replied but called A up and said “I still sleepwith C while C is still with you”. So B continues on by saying that she still loves C but begged A not to tell C. A in shock tells C and C breaks it off with B (are you still with me here? Is it confusing?) C’s excuse is that he was literally raped and he could’t say no to B. (Ok, here is where A made a mistake) A took C back but they broke up in the end due to B setting out a hate campaign with C’s family against A and now B and C are no longer talking to A. So A feels betrayed because she wasn’t the one shagging around and she really misses C’s friendship. She also hates it that some of the friends that she use to hang out with have believed B and C’s lies and are now no longer talking to her as well. A wrote to B to try and make ammends but was told that B hates her guts and not to bother her anymore.

So! I might have to delete this soon as I did not ask permission to post this up. But what do you think? What does one do in this situation? It’s none of my business but I so just want to FB this whole story but put in the real names. Can someone shout BUSYBODY!!!! Ha! But it’s good to know that me not feeling comfortable with someone even though they are really nice to me has made me trust my insticts more.  However, in B’s defence B must have really loved C to be able to do something as nasty as that. While C… well C was just thinking with his brain between his legs instead of the one between his ears.

Crazy gossip session with you today! So anyhoo, I have to go back to thinking how the hell does one make a toga??? I have a birthday party to go to tonight. Wanna come?

Till Then



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