Happy Birthday Collin

Just got back from Brooklyn Bar from a toga themed surprise birthday party for Collin. It was a nice event with close friends and family to spend the night with. Jacqueline did a fantastic job organising the party and the birthday gift! I am sure it was hard work trying to collect the money from everybody but I am sure it was worth it especially when you get to see Collins uber happy expression when he found out what he got for a birthday present! The cake was also the highlight which had its naughty bits and sneaky candles ftw! Mel saw the cake and said “Aiyah should have told me and I could have made one like that!” Well now we know so next time I will call you to bake a cake ok? Kudos to Jo who organised the birthday cake it definitely made my night laughing at it and seeing Collins expression when he couldn’t blow out the candles.

After the cake was distributed people started drinking and some got a little bit extra touchy feely ya (I’m looking at you, yes you Pearce and Brian!!!) It was a fyun night out and not only did we get to meet new people me and MOH have new drinking buddies so guys party at my place soon! I will send an facebok invite so keep an eye out for it 🙂 Besides munching, chatting and drinking I manage to catch up with Cerry and learned some pretty good tips. But I’ll share with you what I have learned for another day. Onward to the photos! If it’s fuzzy just left click on it and you’ll get a clearer and bigger photo.

All dressed up but some didn’t dress to the theme 😦 You know who you are.

ka ka ka ka!

Naz and Kenny

Birthday man surrounded by a bevy of beauties. Can become harem for you already lor Collin. Better ask your first wife permission first!

One candle down but looks can be deceiving. After this photo was taken the candle sputtered back to life.

The crowd is either enjoying Collins futile efforts with the candle or they were enjoying the view of the cake.

Ken is definitely happy. Good luck at Round the Bays tommorow!

In the end he gave up and cheated by using his fingers. It’s ok its your birthday so you can do anything you want.

Look at that happy smile!!!

MOH calls this the “tetek attack!’ He says its damn pain since he kena before.

This one is a new move even I haven’t seen it before. I will call this move “The Poor Brian” move.

Poor Brian.

Jacqs look spectacular that night!

Do you like my DIY toga? I kinda like the ruffles at the bust. Makes it seem oh so haute couture… you know? 😛

Till Then


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