I have been waiting for the music video ever since I heard the song on the radio.

Love it!!!! I’m so behind the times I know 😦

After watching the video for the 100th time I can’t help thinking how this video has manage to magnify Gaga’s creepiness. The part where she was making an imaginative sandwich and biting into it was uber scary. Whats more when she came out to serve the food like an angel of death with drag queen style was pretty up there in the spooky stakes.

I love it!

Till Then



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3 responses to “Gaga!!!

  1. absolutely creeeppyyy O.O!! but cool in another way. no one comes up with ideas like that but gaga.

    i think lady gaga is a hybrid of amy winehouse & madonna don’t u think so?

  2. more on looks.

    dunno ah, when i see her, these 2 artists come to my mind.

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