In my head and what I found.

So! I wonder how the open casting for MUMO is going? I rarely check to see what is happening in the beauty pageant world this days but having a friend be one of the organizers does make the event seem slightly more personal. It helps th at there will be videos of the whole process which if the trailer and first episode is anything to go by shall be smartly edited and be actually fun to watch. Believe it or not I am actually excited to see wh at sort of girls turned up for the casting calls. Is it just me or does the girls (organisers) look pretty good in their power suits? The Jojo person is so chic. I am loving her glasses!!! Also doesn’t Andrea look slightly off? Must be the stress of having to organize such a big event and having to do all the media rounds to promote the do. Give the chick some sleeping pills and let her have her beauty sleep.

On a random note does anybody know  Soo Wincci? Admittedly, the first time I heard of her I thought it was another shoe outlet company who are trying to compete with the poorly made but oh so fashionable Vincci outlets. Then I realized this chick has the most randomest stuff on her CV, degree in Law, has a masters in something, learned drama, has been vocally trained and was Miss Malaysia 2008. The sweet thing about  having her fingers in several pies has made it possible for her to market herself as a fabulous product. I found her blog by accident and why she doesn’t get adoring fans and psycho hate comments on her site is pretty weird. It has the makings of a successful blog heaps of vanity photos, not much text and some pretty cool coverage on the national and international events. She is currently in some Chinese tv series. The only explanation I can come up with her not getting much notice in the blog sphere is that she looks slightly robotic in all her photos as she doesn’t really smile. Or maybe I am just making up and she is hugely popular but all her readers are silent readers. Oh emm gee! Her skin is to die for! Granted she had some scary photos sans make up but I got over that pretty quickly.

Apparently the girl sings as well, so I thought “This I have to check out” and what do you know! It’s not as bad as I thought it would be and it’s actually pretty good. You know, if there is one thing I like about her, she’s a go getter.

Link to her blog:

As you can tell I don’t do ads on this blog (well not if I can help it) so if I post random stuff about chicks or guys it’s only because I found it pretty interesting and couldn’t resist to share my findings.

So there! @_@ / (this emoticon looks like me wearing my glasses as I toss my hair. Hahahahahahahahahhaah!)

Till Then


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