I don’t know why but this came to mind as I was working

I was waiting for the DOTA boys at a popular restaurant in Luyang for dinner. I was sitting outside near the road so th at I could see them when they arrived. I was waiting there for about 10 minutes when this pudgy Kadazan guy kept looking at me. He looked at me as if he knew me so I stared back. Then it dawned on me th at I know him and he was once a workmate of my ex.

He was having dinner with his girlfriend and he smiled at me so I thought wh at the heck! I should be nice and go over and say hello. So I did thinking feeling all smug th at I was being so adult and handling this in a m at ure and sensible way. I went over and he was having this cheeky/smug look on his face which I thought was weird but he was pleasant enough. Mouth the usual pleasantries like “how are you?”, “what are you doing now?”, “how long will you be in KK for?”. He also asked if I was waiting for anyone and if I would like to sit with them while I wait. I am not sure if I took up his offer but all I know is as I was chatting with him my ex came over and looked at me surprised. I am not sure who was more surprised to see who! I looked over to the pudgy man and he was smiling th at cheeky/smug look and I thought “so much for being m at ure and sensible”. I smiled tightly at both of them and my ex ask the same questions and as we were talking my phone rang and I answered it and said “hello”. “Eh where are you? We are here already, too hungry so ordered first and have already started e at ing. So slow wan you!”. “Huh??? What do you mean? I have been here for the past half an hour already!”. Found out that I was in the wrong restaurant and the one I was suppose to go to was opposite the restaurant I was waiting at -_- So ambarassing right? So hard to act all cool when your ex is there with his monkey of a friend grinning like a cheeky monster.

The ex offered to show me where the place was and I thought why not? Might as well since I have already made a fool of myself. AhhH!!! Just thinking about it makes me want to punch the cheeky guy! He could have told me he was meeting up with the ex for dinner and I would have made a hasty exit. I mean we didn’t have a bad fall out but it wasn’t all roses and cream at the same time and th at time I was still uncomfortable with him. I don’t know why I feel like this but if you do tell me ok?

So geli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till Then


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