Nodame Cantabile

Another funnies!

This is not really a love story but it does touch on the subject sometimes (as in all things).

If you love classical music or have a kooky sense of humor like me you will enjoy this manga. I enjoyed this manga so much that I bought the animated version (Can you believe it! I bought the wrong season! I bought the second one instead of the first. ARGH!) Anyhoo, I attended piano classes for the first 8 years of my life since I was 8 so I could identify with the heroine and her struggle to be an accomplished pianist. She and the hero (who is portrayed as a genius anddoes not get along with anybody) are very well matched and their interactions with each other are really funny. They go to the same music school and are next door neighbors in the apartment that they are staying at. A lot of kooky characters come into play and you have this musical extravaganza mixed with random scenes of one sided love, the struggle to succeed and the hunger pangs of poor students.


Link: Nodame Cantabile


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Link: Nodame Cantabile

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