My dog gave birth but it feels like I had labor too

I feel like a train wreck.

The snowpuff started to have birthing pains around 10.30pm and only had her pups around 12am all the way up to around 6am. Her first pup was healthy but I wasn’t paying attention and in her zealous dedication in getting the umbilical cord off she bit off the hind leg and half of the puppy’s tail. So sad right? We were horrified so we paid extra extra attention to the next set of puppies that were to come. In total we had 6 healthy puppies so we thought our job was over the only issue was to get the pups and mother dog to the vet in the morning to check on their overall health.

We woke up later than we wanted to only because I couldn’t open my eyes much less move my body to do what I needed to do. It felt like someone poured concrete on my eye lids and left it there to set. Anyhoo, we went to a vet near our workplace and found that not only did we have to put the maimed puppy down we also found out that Claire had a puppy in her stomach. So the doc induced snow puff and was going to put the maimed puppy to sleep when my waterworks started to work and we decided to do it when I had left the building. I was planning to keep the puppy and was already thinking ways on how to keep it entertained. The doc was saying how unfair it would be if we were to keep the puppy alive and if we were kind we should put it down. Half of me was horrified that I was putting down a perfectly healthy (but one leg missing and half a tail) puppy and the other side of me saw sense in it. However, I couldn’t make myself decide so I left it to MOH.

It’s just a puppy but I have been asleep since 3.30pm today, curled up in a ball wanting to forget what I have permitted to be done. So while this was happening Claire has been induced twice but nothing is happening so the doc has decided to do a Cesarean on her. We found out that it would cost $1500. MOH face fell and he was on the phone in seconds asking for a second opinion. We found out that a vet near our place could do it for half the price so we bundled off the snow puff and the puppies to go visit the other vet. Before we did this I caught MOH in the room saying goodbye to the maimed puppy. He picked it up gently, kissed it on its head and held it to his chest. I didn’t see what else had happened as I started crying again so I went to wait in the car.

We rushed Claire to the other vet and he was more organic in a sense. He wanted Claire to try and give birth the natural way. He induced her one more time and told us to come back around 4pm. If she still hadn’t given birth to the last puppy only then would he do a c-section on her. So we brought her home and led the puppies to her nipples for milk. She looked calm and had a few contractions here and there but no signof the puppy. At 4pm MOH went back with the snow puff to the Cesarean. We just had a call and the puppy is dead and was found at the bottom of Claire’s stomach.  It got distended from the uterus thats why Claire couldn’t push it out. At the same time MOH had decided to spey snow puff, a litter of 7 (with 2 dead) was quite a big litter for her and I think she should’nt have to go through it again.

So enough drama and tears lets get on with me gushing so how cute the surviving mini snow puffs are! Very healthy and very very big they are so adorable and vocal -_-. At this moment they are whining for their milk and Claire will be back soon from the vet.

To be continued



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6 responses to “My dog gave birth but it feels like I had labor too

  1. hugss to you and bronson.. made me tear.

    congrats to claire! pups are adorable. i wanna visit!

  2. shermayne

    so cute!!!!!! can you make them grow slower and keep them in that size? ok, maybe a wee bit bigger but not too big.. i wanna see them mini size!!!!! congratss!!!!

  3. liyang

    I miss Claire mroe than ever, have been thinking of her last night. Good girl !!

  4. S

    Aww congrats! So adorable. Sorry to hear about the unfortunate one. It is quite common but sad nevertheless 😦

  5. Thanks guys! Puppies are doing well so fingers crossed they will grow to be strong and healthy. No more tears, everyone has been telling me it was the right thing to do…but it still feels wrong. Oh well, moving forward!

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