E! News Asia.

Many thanks to S who alerted me to who got the top spots for E! News Asia. It came as a total suprise to hear that Marion got the gig. I was hoping Sarimah would get it after watching this video youtube of her.

Is she not piss in your pants funny??? Even if you don’t understand what she is saying you can definitely see what a goofball she is. I love it! Not only can she host she sings and acts as well! She was also the host for Biggest Loser Asia in 2009.

I don’t really know who Marion Caunter is seeing that I have been away for the past seven years. I know Sarimah as I watch her on tv when I was a teenager and even then she was a fantastic goofball. So, I googled Marion to see what I could find on her.

Link: Caunter and Lau land E! News Asia hosting job

So! First thing first, the chica is gorgeous and with her tan she does resemble Guiliana Rancic while Dominic Lau is an Asian version of Ryan Seacrest. Both had stints as VJ’s in channel V (regional music tv station akin to MTV), both are gorgay! Just gorgay! I am not sure about Dom but I read that prior to being a popular host of the mostest she also help produce 8TV quickie when she first started out in Malaysia after completing a B com in the states. She went on to bigger and better things hosted several prestigious events, became a V channel vj. Notably, she landed a spot as the host for MyEG Xtra Time sports variety program on ESPN Star at Astro Channel 813 co hosting it with Nur Fazura. From  there and from what we can all see she just landed the mama of all hosting gigs, for now:) The more I think about it the more I feel like this job was made for her.

However, deep in the corner of my heart I wished Sarimah had gotten the job. As for me, I am not disappointed, truly I’m not. Like all things in life I just gotta roll with the punches and get up and move on forward.

If you happen to catch  the show’s debut this Sunday, 9.30pm on the E! Entertainment channel (Astro channel 712) do let me know how it was. So exciting!

Till Then.


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