Fell asleep

Right now my body clock is ticking to its own rhythm and does not give a fig as to what time it really is in fair Sabah. I sleep at 11pm and wake up at 4am. I do try to strike a conversation with my sister who is snoring quietly and elegantly. When I turn around to chat with her and stroke her hair she mumbles something incoherent and turns the other side. So I have to ditch the idea of chatting and and just lie in bed half asleep wondering when she will start her long and very extensive morning ritual. It is so long that I cannot bother writing it out here as I feel (truly, madly, deeply) that it deserves a whole post on its own.

So that was me yesterday waking up all bright and chirpy.

This morning I was groaning in bed and felt like I had too many tequilas and my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton pads and used tissue paper. You know why? Because I was helping the tard bucket (who is my brother that I love deeply) start/try to finish his project that is due today. I fell asleep writing up the litearture reviews. Dont you just hate that??? There I was trying to be intellectual and actually having a logical thought in my head for once and I am rushing to type it all out before BANG!!! The lights go out and then I find myself almost planting my face into the key board and I try to wake up and check if I had typed out my ideas before I start nodding off to sleep. It really is very unsettling you know. One minute your awake then the next you find drool on your pyjamas and you havenn’t even filled in half a page yet. ARGH!!!! So I did what any normal and sane older sisters do. I gave up, gave him what I had done so far and said “I wouldn’t want to be you” and rush to bed. I did a dive bomb and it didnt even wake up the cash monkey.

Insane in the membrane.

Till Then



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2 responses to “Fell asleep

  1. Debbie

    Ahhhh.. classic depiction of sibling-related affection : )

  2. ha ha ha ha ha so scientific wan you!

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