Absinthe pub

A photo of their banner outside the junction while I was waiting for the lights to turn. Could have been a better shot if the four wheel drive didn’t drive up at the time that I clicked the camera button. Would have taken another shot if the lights hadn’t changed.

So! my first night out in KK started at Hito where Oi Vui invited friends who were close to me to give them a mini surprise. It was a nice quiet night in with drinks and I got to reacquaint myself with some people and got to know them better. Then after Hito we went to Absinthe Pub. The only place that sells Absinthes in KK while you belt out a few canton songs or two. The place was really nice with the walls changing colours every few minutes. Very much oriented to the Oriental crowd known as the Ah Bengs and Ah lians. hahahahahahaahhaahhahahaahhah!!! Jokes! Jokes! I seriously loved the place. I like the clean design and the walls really won me over it got really pyschedelic and suits the feeling the green fairy gives you.

Absinthe I have found is a drink that is easy to drink but hard to stomach once it settles at the pit of your gut churning like an angry beast and then your head feels funny and you either like it or you don’t. Cool thing about how the serve it is that they put a cube of sugar over a glass, pour some absinthe on it, lit it on fire and poof! Burns like a … beautiful thing. Sugar melts and they pour the rest of the shot in. Then the one who was silly enough to order it either drinks it with a straw or just gulp it down. I opted for gulping lest I chickened out and not drink it at all.

Photos that were stolen off Oi Vuis facebook 🙂


Rudy, Ben and Mike

Do you like my top? Got it from City mall beside the Apple bookshop. Love! Love the clothes there. Too bad I dropped

a fried fish on it when we had supper. So not that drunk to warrant that kind of clumsiness!

Ha! The men look so fresh while the girls look tired -_- I need to get me some concealer. Boo!

When I first walked into the pub and Wayne and Joey saw me their suprised look was so worth it. Then Wayne comes over

Wayne: Eh Bronson eh?

A: Oh! me only oh this time

Wayne: HUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuHHHHH!!!’

Thanks Wayne -_- I felt the love.

Till Then


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