Did I mention?

I saw two accidents on Saturday. People really need to learn to use the indicator when over taking.

Till Then



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3 responses to “Did I mention?

  1. liyang

    Hummm you are so right, the comments are not constructive enough. But at least they are on the track to make it better. Looking forward to the next episode. (It seems they are giving stars to everyone, maybe not enought applicants?)

  2. Hmmm not too sure why and why are you commenting about the beauty pageant in this post on the accidents? loL!!! how are you?

  3. liyang

    im good…ah.what happened to me…I was reading your beauty blog again and wondering where the heck my comments went and here it is. Typical me. I am good, miss you a bit though. Looks like you are having lots of fun. Good Good…

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