KK how I love thee

I went to the first Sabah Blogshop flea market held in Jesselton Point in the morning after sending my sister to to her group project meeting last Saturday. It was super hot and humid day in KK that day.

See that glass building? Another shopping mall, its crazy how shopping malls are popping up in KK like how mushrooms pop up after a good day of rain.

Photos below are taken in Jesselton Point where the flea market was being held:

Ok, how was the flea market I hear you ask? It was not very good in my humble opinion. The time I spent there was very short. It took me longer to find parking then it was for me to browse the market. Why do I think it wasn’t that good an experience? Well parking was a bitch, and I have to drive into the city to get to the place and after facing all that jam one expects to have all sorts of stalls open with food and drinks as well as unique knick knacks to bring home. You know a shopping experience that sort of gives one a feeling that you are helping out your local artistic community. I was also expecting to see some popular KK bloggers, even brought my camera with me to go on stalker mode. Didn’t see any, maybe I went too early?  However, I do think it was a good effort from the organizers and who knows this might be a stepping stone for bigger things to come? All good things have to start from somewhere. Also I think the heat didnt help matters, and I escaped into a hall which looks like the place where people go to book a ticket to the islands.

As I was walking back to my car I saw a street that I liked and took a random photo.

Below is a photo of  a field where I use to play hockey competitively in high school.

An ad that I just didn’t get until I posted it here and had a good look at it.

What I face everyday while driving here in KK. At all times makes me just want to stay at home and suck my thumb.

What I came home to, my sisters cat (a stray she found and decided to keep against my parents wishes no less)

And me, doing useless things

Till Then



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2 responses to “KK how I love thee

  1. edrie

    You came over? My office is right upstairs in Jesselton Point. hahaha

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