MUMO 2010 part 2

I don’t know what I am suppose to say about this. Lets start with what I liked, the video was edited quite well. The banter between the judges was nice, the girls interviews were not bad and thats about it. I would have liked to see more of that they showed at the end of the video which really made it fun and exciting and you know nice to watch.  Now on to what I didn’t like some parts of the video offended me as I think some points or facts could have been said with more finesse (I am not even a contestant and already I felt offended can you imagine what the actual contestants must have felt?). I don’t want to offend anyone as I can imagine this is quite a task organising one of the more recognized competitions in Malaysia. However, a more local approach to talking with the would be contestants which is humility, gentleness and humor is called for in situations like this. Some of the judges were beautiful, just beautiful in the way they handled the ladies. You know, like how ladies should be treated.

I think we all need to know and realise that it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there to be judged and hadling oneself in front of strangers who either praise you or condemn you. Even more so in this day and age where every subtle insult and ‘trying to be funny but actually quite offensive’ remark is aired on the wide web.

E.g: You’ve got a big head.

How does a comment like this help in any way? Will she be able to make it smaller? Is it necessary to point it out like that? Sort of like a blurt out statement without much thought put into it. I am quite saddened by this sort of graceless acts. I hope the next video will show a more better view of the judges and highlight why they are fit to choose the next Miss Malaysia Universe 2010.

Till Then



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4 responses to “MUMO 2010 part 2

  1. I know what I think of Andrea Fonseka based on her blog ‘advice’ already 🙂 I dislike her even more now!

    The Miss Malaysia Universe campaign looks good, even the catchphrase is great so kudos to your friends who are the brainchild behind it. It’ll be interesting to see who they eventually choose.

    ‘A little bit too heavy’ for the first contestant. WHAT???

  2. Yeah -_- sometimes the things they say I wonder if I had misheard it.

    But I guess being in the beauty industry is hard?

  3. I don’t doubt being in the beauty industry is hard… but they’re in a position to change the norm and the acceptance that size zero is beautiful and anything else bigger isn’t. They have the power to change perceptions and make a statement but aren’t doing it.

    You’d think that Andrea who used to be a much larger size would be more empathetic and would push the ‘bigger is also beautiful’ campaign.

    • You know what, I think your right. But I also think she has experienced how painful it is to not be of the norm and in her own way is trying to be realistic and set the girls up and prepare them for what the masses will say?

      I don’t know, not too sure but some comments were like ??? Bigger is also beautiful campaign, i don’t think Malaysians are ready for that could be too radical for them. But having said that we have to start somewhere right?

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