White Room and a bar upstairs

Went to white room on Saturday.  Drinks were expensive but the service was impeccable. Music didn’t really build up enough for me to bust my MC Hammer moves but good friends were abundant which made the whole experience 100x better.  Apparently the place is freezing but I couldn’t feel it. Must have been the alcohol kicking in.

The lovely couple who organizes the do and picks me up and send me home and would hold my hair if I had to go visit the throne.

Rudy, Joey ( who looks so good here!) and Valentine (who is one of the sweetest person i have met)

Only thing missing in this photo is MOH

Mike, Jeremy and Daryl (I hope I spelled your name right! This guy is so much fun and bubbly too!)

I always kena bully. Always.

So serious.

When I came home there were some random shots of people I didn’t know. Good photos thought 🙂

The gang before we split up and went our own ways. Note that my skin color is as red as a lobster steamed to perfection and my eyes are nowhere to be seen. Classic Audrey cannot drink.com. I have more photos but most of them I look fat in it,  hideous or both.

Till Then



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2 responses to “White Room and a bar upstairs

  1. edrie

    okay. We’re not fated to meet. I was next door in firefly that evening. HAHAHA! Why so like that?!

  2. alah not fated at all! pooey!

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