Dear Me again

30/3 @ 5.28pm @ Brunei Airport

Arrived to Brunei safely and as I write this I am half listening to a bunch of noisy ladies chatting behind me. Unfortunately, I have no idea what they are saying. I am not even sure if what they are saying is in Chinese. In front of me is a 40′ screen with Julianne Moore who I never realised was such a beautiful woman.

I watched ‘Ninja Assasin’ on the plane and I wouldn’t mind watching it again. I wonder how long it took Rain to create a body like that?

“Whip it’ is a great movie another one to add to the ‘favourite movies of all time’ perhaps?

I fell asleep watching ‘An American in Paris’. Gene Kelly has a killer smile.

You know what, my hair looks damn good right now. I ussually have plane hair which is the same concept as bed hair but 10x worse. But not today!

‘Enchanted’ was a good show but I couldn’t help thinking  and wondering if the lead actress felt like slitting her wrist while filming this since she has to act nauseatingly nice and sweet all the time? Never knew Patrick Dempsey could rock the man in tights look.

I miss my puppies, I wonder is MOH is ok???

Till Then


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