Hujan Petang di Penampang

I did my chores in the morning and Vincent came to pick me up in the afternoon to do some more work. Nice of him to drive me around the city for a few hours. After lunch we went to have snacks (it’s a Malaysian thing) then went off to do some more work. It was so unbelievably hot today, you have no idea BUT it rained in the evening which made it so much cooler and the town was covered in a light grey mist/haze/smog.

I have no idea why he posed like that.

The kopitiam where we had snacks. I was looking forward to the ice cold coffee (old skool) but the kopi (coffee) was too sweet and it was warm -_-. Yuck. If you guys ever come to KK  I will bring you to the best place that serves fantastic pau and kopi dalam botol (coffee in a bottle).

Rain, rain, rain some more.

After that I got sent home and I went to pick the cash monkey from school. Picture is her in her …urm… club uniform. Apparently, they have club day every Wednesday. Why we don’t have something like this during my time?

So girly, got handkerchief some more.

The Tard doing what he does best.

Below is a short 30 second video of the rain here in KK, so soothing love the sounds.

Till Then



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4 responses to “Hujan Petang di Penampang

  1. edrie

    I’m confugged. Now you’re back in KK. Weren’t you in SG or Bru the other day? Or have I forgotten how convenient it is for us to fly nowadays. haha

  2. I’m still in KK, are you going out tonight? Off to SG tmr. Confugged? lol I like that.

  3. liyang

    Sounds like you live in a rain jungle with houses and internet

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