Dear me, plan ahead next time please.

8/4/2010 @ 1.25pm @ KK international Airport

I’m at the airport and I got into a little tiff with the security because they told me my bag had to be scanned before I could check in. So I went to check it in and they said it was too big to be a hand carry. I was like what??? @_@? I have travelled all over the place with this bag and they have always classified it as a hand carry.

To cut a traumatic experience short I rang my brother  (the security guard kindly let me use his mobile phone) and the conversation went something or rather like this:

A: Bro! They want me to check in but I don’t want to as I would have to pay extra!!!

Al: Huh??? Then check it in la

A: Don’t want!!! Can you go home and get me a back pack or something?

AL: Huh (this is his favourite expression) ok, ok I’ll get you the smaller version of your bag that your using now ok?

A: ….oh… you know what since you mentioned that, I might have packed my stuff into the wrong bag. I mistook my luggage for hand carry.



A: HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ok I see you soon ah!

AL: Sigh, ok -_-

Till Then


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