Dear me, the traveller

8/4/2010 @ KK international airport@ 1.25pm

So many people going to Singapore. There is a dad with his daughter and he’s on the laptop with what seems to be a perpetual frown. He better be careful, one day he might get struck by lightning and he will end up looking like that forever. Actually come to think of it he seems to have that frown etched onto his features already.

Random note, the immigration officer says I talk Malay in a sing song voice. Does this mean it’s wrong?

Sitting in the airport now, I am suddenly assailed by laziness and don’t really feel like going anymore. Running out of $$$.

I wonder how MOH is doing.

p/s Looking at my nails and after having to cut my nails they now look stubby. Ugh.

pp/s There is this Chinese guy sitting opposite me with his right leg propped on his left leg and his pants is huge and I can see from the gap that he has chicken white skin above the tanned calves. MY EYES!!!!

Till Then


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