Quiet night out for the first night

Arrived to find Jason and his friend Pat lounging by the pool under the hot sun. Bumped into Joyce on the way down as I was heading to the pool and the beautiful lady hasn’t changed one bit! Still gorgeous as usual! Jase had to go play basketball so me and Joyce went to meet up with Wei Liang and his friends and guess who I saw??? Crystal!!! Ha! Imagine my shock! I thought she was dating Wei Liang but she was actually in Singapore for a holiday and was staying with him for the duration of her stay. Anyhoo, we met at a swanky bar called KPO (no photo) and met Wei Liang and his friends. We then adjourned to the same ramen store that he brought me and MOH to when we last visited Singapore. Then we went and chilled at some bar in Orchard road.

Love this! Which reminds me I will have to return the favor to Crystal.

Till Then



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2 responses to “Quiet night out for the first night

  1. we know the same ppl!! pls give hugz to joyce and jason for me!

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