MUMO 2010 Part 3 -UPDATED-

Drama sells.

I laughed when I watched this episode and I had no idea that the beautiful Julia Dolmatova was so tall! More heartwarming and all that jazz. I love it!  Quite a few talkers but I totally dig this type of perspective of the judges. I can’t wait to see what transformation the contestants will go through! Excited! As expected its nice to see different sides to Andrea and not the dragon lady that she is often portrayed to be with her arched eyebrow, slight quirk of her lips when she thinks, toss of the hair etc. I guess after watching this episode the previous episode makes more sense.

(3 hours later)

Ok, I was going to write a bit more on this weeks episode but got side tracked. I went online to Play Heroes of Newerth with Jason (my wonderful host who I am bumming with while I am here in Singapore) and the boys in New Zealand. Yes,  I am still in Singapore and why I am playing HON when I could be walking and sight seeing around Singapore…hmm…I have no idea. Anyhoo, back to the episode.

It’s cool! I love the part where Andrea took off her shoes and ask the contestant to wear it. That is pretty random. So, quite abit of controversy surrounding the pageant because of the previous episode and Andrea’s diet advice for a photo shoot that she posted on her blog.

If your interested here is the link:

Quite a few wrote to me (as in actually took the time to write me an email) to tell me what they thought about it. The fact that a previous big size pageant winner was giving  advice on what to do  before a photo shoot  that some deem unhealthy was not onz. She should be promoting healhy eating and exercise. Shouldn’t she advocate healthy size models instead of sticking to the norm? I  agree and disagree. Yes, what she wrote on her blog on what to do to prepare for the photoshoot is really extreme and that it magnifies how screwed up the fashion industry is in wanting our girls to starve themselves in order to look good. Promoting a definition of beauty which seems to idolise bad eating habits and starvation. It is wrong and another method should be used.

However, I do see where she is coming from. She did say that the diet she was promoting should only be for a shot period of time and sit should not replace exercise and healthy eating.  Being a big size person who wishes to be in the media industry I can understand the pressure one gets to look the part of hot sexy mama. I don’t think she ever wanted to be a spokesperson for ‘big size’ models and when she won I read all the nasty comments that insensitive people have written about her in forums and on their personal blogs. Every single comment was about her body and not on her intellect and beautiful features. I felt bad for her and even felt quite sick at some of the comments so one must wonder how she must have felt during that time.

She has experienced the worst and the best of the industry and she will do what she thinks would be the best for the contestants. I won’t agree with all of her methods but I salute the fact that everything is transparent (well as transparent as it can be la!) and we at least have some sort of idea on what is going on behind the scenes and what women in Malaysia who join beauty pageants have to go through to get to the top.

Ah…sometimes I also don’t know why I feel so attached to this competition when I joined Miss Malaysia World. You would think I should blab more on that right? But heart and interest is in this one. What to do lo!

Till Then



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5 responses to “MUMO 2010 Part 3 -UPDATED-

  1. some comments are downright ‘OUCH!’

    but I still think it’s screwed up. I had one comment to the MUMO video that stated ‘how is it HIP to be parading young girls anyhow?’ True.

    And it came from a woman who’s gorgeous and statuesque enough to be in this comp!

  2. The whole industry is in it’s own la la land. But I foresee changes. Slowly but surely. Oooo really? I must watch the video again and look out for that comment. Will do so now.

  3. oh I meant the comment on my FB page when I posted the same video 🙂

  4. liyang

    this IS so much better than the first one. The judges seems to be more normal than the first one. This is fun…I enojoyed watching it.
    I miss you Audrey CHing chong…chi wa wa ..

  5. Aww I miss you to Ms Ma!

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