Skywalkers in Singapore.

The view

View from the room

Meet Can and Not.

Can is the one in orange and not is in silver.

Super awesome lunch in a food court! So good!

I wonder how lucky is Lucky plaza?

This random decos were scattered all over orchard road. I think?

Abstract and not so abstract art. This is how men will lioke in 10 years time. Having everything at your fingertips will shrink your brain hence the smaller head and bigger eyes to look at the computer better.

This is a cool building and it houses all the very luxe brands.

One thing I don’t like about Singapore shopping mall is that their escalators are damn steep and high. My palms were sweating when I took this photo.

Till Then



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2 responses to “Skywalkers in Singapore.

  1. S

    I like how your fish lunch came after the fish pix haha!!

  2. ha ha ha! Your right it is quite ironic! I didn’t realise it until you pointed it out!

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