Tawandang Microbrewery

Marc and his partner Sze Chuin organised a wonderful dinner at a popular Thai restaurant situated in Dempsey Road. Dinner was at 8pm but we only got there at 8.30pm since everyone was so stuck on Poker at Jason’s place. I didn’t realise it would be a 20 minute drive otherwise I would have ended the game at 7.30pm and force everyone to do the same! I met the lovely Jamie and her husband who I have yet been able to pronounce his name correctly without embarrassing myself! Invited them to dinner and I enjoyed myself heaps!

Halfway through dinner the band started playing and then all the floor staff went on stage to dance to a Thai Song and ‘Nobody’ by the wonder girls. It was quite a weird sight but they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Ken and Jason

Ken is super funny and the boy can drink!  Jason is really nice and he got totally wasted on his birthday (the night before)

Wei Liang and Jase off to get a ciggy and the lovely Sze Chuin just chilling while waiting for the food to arrive.

Marc is still the fireball that he is. Funny, loud, wacky and still very loveable.

Staff be grooving to the beat yo.

Me and Marc on stage singing Rhinestone Cowboy and another song which for the life of me I can’t remember.

They ask Marc to sing on stage and I got dragged along. Almost manage to get back to my seat when Jamies hubby shouted “be a sport!” @_@ I am nothing but a sport player so up I went to warble my way through.

After dinner we went to this club which gave me a shock will write more in the next post.

Till Then,


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