MUMO Part 3- Pinang so fail.

Pinang girls what happen to you???

Why did the chick that had the blur look get two yes??? What is happening here… The girl that wore the grey cardigan urm…I kinda agree with Julia on that one. Not onz.

Not much content here, I am dissapointed that Pinang did not have proper representatives. I am sure that this state has alot of beautiful girls but not alot turned up? Why? Maybe some people just see MUMO as a joke??? It’s not! It opens doors for you! You don’t have to o model clothes in a shopping mall that is situated in the wop wop areas. No bad makeup and ugly clothes on boring catalogue’s that no one reads. This is a chance for you to go onto the big stage, the big kahuna, the big mama and get known on an international stage. This kind of competition is a good platform for those who wish to get into media. Even if you don’t win but still get chosen to be the top 18 finalist you will get free food, free accom, free etiquette lessons, make up, speech and most importantly confidence. I say confidence only because getting picked to have a chance to be crowned the most beautiful girl in Malaysia (subjective but you get my drift) is a pretty big thing.

Kuala Lumpur next! I can’t wait!

Till Then


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One response to “MUMO Part 3- Pinang so fail.

  1. liyang

    they having somuch fun..I miss Eugenie’s laugh

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