Walk through this empty shopping all peppered with a few shops here and there. All of them closed and most f them of the disreputable kind aka sex shops. As I walk through the dark corridors I…Ooooo that is a very big dildo! *cough* As I walk through the empty corridors I stop and ask “I thought we were going clubbing cause if we are going to a whore house I am not in”. Ken says “No, no it is a club, trust me”, so we walk up this stairs (why are there stairs here) and I am greeted by loud music and a very large club in the middle of a shopping mall @_@ what is happening here?

The DJ “Welcome to Neveland Heppi Our iz finiz soonz” (very thick Thai accent). Music starts blaring and girls come on stage and start writhing. The more popular ones gets garland of flowers on them that range from SG10 to SG500. After the group dancing the band starts and 2 absurdly good looking boys come on stage and start crooning. The babyface of the two gets a hundred garlands and a few SG100 ones. @_@!!! Then up next comes 4 pretty girls in tigh tight dresses belting a song in Thai and one of them gets a few garlands as well. It’s kinda sad to see the rest not getting as much attention while the other has so much that she looks like she is going to topple over at any moment with the weight of her prizes. THis continues on untill I say goodnight to the gang to catch my 10am morning flight the next day.

I really got a shock! It felt like I was in some Thailand bar. The patrons were mostly Chinese gangster, horny old uncles and young high school boys trying to fake it.

One word: Weird!

We weren’t allowed to take photos but I manage to take some 😛

Whatever it is I was entertained! I loved it and it was quite an experience. THe picture above 5 minutes after I took the shot a hot hot flexible Thai lady went up to that pole and owned it!

Till Then



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2 responses to “Neverland

  1. MZ

    walauuu…hahahaha you did went to a strip bar!! not clubbing! are you sure they’re not ladyboys?

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