KK…the fun parts…lets leave reality at the door


I have been quite slack with this blog. Sorry! Let me make up for it with heaps of photos from my awesome trip back home!

This is what I always order. Tequila shots. I’m boring like that as I always, ALWAYS don’t know what to get.

Photogenic Wayne

Naughty Kelvin

The night was still young but I think the Tequila killed it for me.

I still remember a story when I was about 17 or 18. I came home drunk and my parents came home after a night out.My mum came in to check on me smelled the tequila and started screaming her head off. Ussually I would immediatelly jump into damage control mode but I was so drunk that all I could do was mumble a ‘sorry will talk to you later’ and promptly went to sleep trying to stop the world from spinning.

After Firefly we went off to White Room.

Off to Shennanigans we go. I really think Shenny (as it is fondly called) should be made an iconic place in KK. I think almost every KK born person has gone through there (of legal and unlegal age to party and drink). I don’t know what makes it so popular as it is always too small, too cramp and dark for my liking and yet I always find myself back there for a good night out. Boggles the mind it does.

After coming back from the dance floor we found magic cards in our handbags. Guess who did it?

The geek who brought the cards to go clubbing.

The same geek who drank and smashed a glass. Whenever Mike is around something gets smashed 😛

Dancing together before we say goodnight

We got hungry so we went to have supper but before that I had to go to the toilet…

Facial expressions ftw

Had a good time talking shit and eating alot! When am I ever going to start on my diet? I’m doomed! Doomed I tell ya!

Let me end with a happy/drunk photo of Mr Jet… he like to say

“Do you love me?”

Till Then



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2 responses to “KK…the fun parts…lets leave reality at the door

  1. liyang

    you look rather stunning in the second last picture

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