Top 18 finalist picked for MUMO 2010 -edited-

Photo from the link: Top 18 Unveiled

Well are you suprised?

I was! When I found out that Charlene got picked (girl in the 2nd latest video with the pink top who was dumbfounded in the edited scenes) my jaw fell down and almost got unhinged. I was going to write a  little piece on how I thought the judges were blind and can easily get side tracked by a little ass smooching. However, midway in my rant I stopped, visited the site and saw the finalist swimming suit photos, looked for her and saw this

….ok la I deleted my post and wrote this one instead.

Looking at the swimsuit photos which is a bit weird cause I saw this a few days ago before the Top18 were revealed. Was it a bug in the website or am I physic? Anyhoo, saw the photos and OooO at some and the rest I was like “oh my ****** gawd, how could they let this one go to print?” The girls are hot but they need help with angles and facial expressions. Help them!

Lets start with who got it right

Dhasha is fierce!

Everything but her hair is fabulous here.

Sultry Mourhrna

Am I the only one who thinks her hair and head gear overwhelms her beautiful eyes?

Sarah is Strong

Ok, now I will show the not so right. Just because you know 😛

Whatever her facial expressions are you cannot deny Jasmine is a sexy lady.

Was she not given the same brief as everybody else?


Somebody please sack the hair stylist!

I just don’t like this photo.

Photos were taken without permission from: Finalist Swimsuit Studio Photos

I have to say pretty strong contenders from the Indian community. Yummy! Loving the diversity. I wonder how it will go. My only advice to the girls is- Make sweet passionate love to the camera! Eye contact! Eye contact!

I’m so excited for the next batch of photos! Can you tell?

Ok, so let me make it clear that I am very excited about this competition. I thought some of the photos turned out well! I think alot of the girls have potential and have no problems with the selection. I really think (in my humble opinion) that with a little work and magic from the team these girls will bring the house down.

Till Then

P/s I am not trying to be mean and as a show of ‘truce’ I edited my post  to show support! Go MUMO!



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7 responses to “Top 18 finalist picked for MUMO 2010 -edited-

  1. liyang

    I laughed so hard, especially the last one….oh…hahahaha work it girl

  2. what’s really sad is that these glamour shoots probably do the girls zero justice.

    SO MANY Asian studios airbrush their models to oblivion, I think they all look pretty shite here, especially since there is so much skin on show and they look like mannequins.. honestly can’t see why people think this is attractive. Another drawback of over-retouching is that the girls tend to look like they have no tone since most of the shadows are smoothed over.

    • wah you are more critical than me! at first I thought the same thing then I started thinking and looked at the photos and then thought a bit more. Some of the photos are not bad what! I just think since it’s an international competition they could have coached the girls more in the poses.

      I think the issue here is that most of them have no tone. Hence why they try to compensate with the shadows? (plus who am I to say when the only tone I have is on my buttocks when the lights are off and with the right angle and play of light they look as perky as a brazillian volleyball player).But early days to the competition mayhap something beautifully dramatic will happen.

      • S

        Haha. No lah, merely being objective as I work with these kinda things. How much more human they would look if their knees had a single crease, you think? And surely there must be another more flattering photo of some of their facial expressions since I know it’s impossible they only take one. I’m more upset that these girls are gorgeous and could be represented so much better! I would have never let some of these pictures see the light of day!

  3. MZ

    ahahahahaha u are so funny!!!! i think 80% of these photos are crap.

    and what the hell is up with some of the poses! fair enough, these girls would do a better job than i can by 1000% more, but oooo mmmmm geeee =P

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