I was in my own world and then the bubble burst

I would like to give my condolences to a friend whose father passed away and to another good friend whose cousin has also gone to meet her maker.

I only knew of it today and was in shock and enveloped in immense sadness because it happened to you and immediately I thought “what would I do if it happened to me?”.

I will pray for you and ask the Lord to bestow upon you the strenght and courage to face the day with your head held high. May you carry your grief but not fall over from it and if you do have the strenght and the will to stand up again. I pray that you may know you are not alone, in your grief many will reach out to you with their hands stretched out not touching you but making sure that their presence is felt lest you need a hand to help you rise again to face the coming dawn. Lastly, I pray that you may be able to talk to  someone who shares your pain and be able to understand what you are going through and together  help each other through this trying times.


Till Then


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