MUMO Ladies Blog and I read

So, I have enjoyed stalking the blogs of the contestants but is it just me or does these ladies seem to be plugging the sponsors in almost every sentence they utter?

For some of the blogs, it kind of threw me back a bit that I have to shift through all the advertising to have a good read. I am not against ads in blogs but it does make it difficult to get to know the contestant (not that what they are writing is a true portrayal of themselves) BUT I am a true believer that whatever one writes there is always a hint, a whiff, a chip, an indication of some sort of a persons core in their writing to indicate if their witty, stupid, gracious, humble, petty, sarcastic etc.

I like to think of myself as someone who is quite sensitive to this sort of things but most of the time as my friends and family can attest to I tend to look for the fire even when there is no smoke.

But I digress.

There is quite a few  tooting of ones horns or inflating one ego in the blogs. Now this is quite acceptable and some might say it is essential to do this since they don’t have much time and if one wants something one might as well go all the way and go for gold. However, I am uncomfortable with this sort of thing as it looks/feels gauche to me especially when it is done…not so subtly. But this is just my own personal preference and when the written word is voiced in our heads it does not necessarily interpret the words accurately.  I wonder if you get this? If you don’t please ignore me, I have ideas in my head that tend to be let loose upon you and disappear forever never to be recognized for my true genius. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you can tell it has been a long day for me. Favourite excerpts from the blogroll so far (I picked them as favorites as they either made me laugh, empathise with them or go ‘did she really say that???’)

Felixia thinks of herself as a chocolate that got lost in a box of other chocolates.-After a week of disappearance, this chocolate is finally back in the box

Jasmine really reminds me of Reese Witherspoon character in Legally Blonde – This lady likes her goodies.

Joanne is trying to move on forward- I’ve got to start by shifting away my habits, eliminating all the old habits of mine

Joey is a bit random but I am a sucker for nice family stories- “…we love to ajak each other for karaoke session when we’re super bored at home and he’ll sing to me as if I’m his lover or something in the K-box.”

Katherine knows what she’s saying-It took me awhile to realize in my current journey of self-actualization that being different is actually okay, and that I don’t need a career in i-banking to validate my existence.

Dalvin is a trooper- Come one Dalvin! You can do this

*note I actually like the fact that they took the time to chill out and attempt to have a girlys night out before the cut throat competition begins.

Mourhrna has drama already outside the pageant- I received a call from an unknown number asking me to stay out of it. Sounds more like a threat but I could care less.

Nadine has strong views and she ain’t shy to share- Never let the hand you hold, hold you down.

Sarah was a surprise but come to think of it she did ace her swimsuit photo so I am not sure why I’m surprised…love getting surprises!- Hello World (She looks really beautiful here)

Sue Lynn is a food blogger and a good one at that! I hadn’t realized until she wrote this post- Contrary to general assumptions, it is not all about glitz and glamour in beauty pageants

*If your curious her link to her food blog is here: Bangsar Babe

Tracy Tan did the ugly look very very well that even I was fooled! Next she does pretty and there is some hope for Chinese girls out there at having a chance a the title- Lets get personal shall we?

Zoe is only in this list because so far she is the only contestant to have 10 comments on her first post. I find her a little ‘fresh’ but who knows with the experiences that MUMO will give her we might see a swan emerge? – Wait, I’m in?

I am not going to pick on their spelling or grammar cause come one! Coming from me that would be like calling the kettle black. But from the blogs I picked you could see where the girls are similar and where they widely differed. The cultural backgrounds were quite apparent as well. A few tall poppy sydromes here and there but hey once in a while it’s ok to have ones sugar on the table y’know?

Ok that was me trying to be urban but total failage -_-

Anyhoo, all in all the blogs are a wonderful way to get some behind the scene photos and commentaries by the contestants themselves. I am waiting for more honest post from them i.e how hard it was, were some expectations met or unmet while they are going through the competition, is everyone as they seem, is the competition getting to them, any illusions broken, their thoughts on the whole thing. Realistically one cannot be too honest lest one hurts ones chances at the crown but it would be nice to see who the rebel is amongst the swans. It would make for interesting conversation.

So far,I found that  Jasmine is fun! I like my girls tall, loud and proud.

I still think Nadine will be one of the top 3 finalist and has a strong chance of being the winner.

But Dalvin, now Dalvin is a bit of an enigma. I love how she blogs and she really put herself out there but with grace and eloquence. I can’t decide!

Till Then

p/s I do have a gripe though that when you click on the blogs there is no home button to go back to the MUMO 2010 main page.



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3 responses to “MUMO Ladies Blog and I read

  1. Joanc

    Hello MsAudreyC 🙂

    Just wanted to say Hi and Thank You, for dropping by at my blog.
    P/S: I luv the way you express your thoughts on your blogs.

    Have a good Sunday,

  2. Hey Joan,

    Thank you and good luck in the competition!

  3. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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