Never settle for anything less then what you want.

Wow, as you know nothing is happening in my life at the moment that would warrant a post. On the MUMO 2010 front it has been quite quiet with the team working on pageant week and having mini fashion shows.  I haven’t had time to stalk the blogs to see what has been happening. Hmm, might do it later.

I have been busy with getting quotes and finding money for the wedding. Trying to figure out where I can do DIY to save money and spend it on the more important stuff like alcohol J

I am again at a crossroad and although I am sure with what I want to do it seems that outside influences are not making this easy? I really am lost and am thinking of what to do. Is this what they call quarter life crisis? I am not in a crisis. I feel excited actually, excited and impatient for that big bang that I know is going to happen.

What is it?

I can feel it all the way to my bones.

I do hope to God that it is something good.

Till Then.


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