Inbox- I still feel sad

sorry its been so long getting this email out!  so much to do at uni and stuff to organize.  tati is doing awesome! shes is primarily an outside dog atm but she is allowed in my room which has an outside door and she sleeps in her own little section of the garage.  she has settled in really well, weve had to try and figure out the pack dominance with her since there are 5 of us but she is soooo intelligent (sometimes too much sometimes!) and she knows what we want her to do and learns very quickly what she is not allowed to do.  we are slowly teaching her how to heel when im walking her (she gets walked twice a day at least, in the morning and at nite) but shes still way to excited when she sees another dog or a cat!  everyone who comes over (and there have been a sudden influx of visitors…) has fallen in love with her and i have had many offers to take her on a walk so she is generally exhausted by the end of the day.
she is such a good car traveller!  on the way down (5 hrs) she slept the whole way and only woke up on the two breaks we took… it was good since i had to drive by myself and she was perfect

heres a cuple of photos from her first day here… there are more to follow! i just haf to upload them!



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2 responses to “Inbox- I still feel sad

  1. liyang

    Tati looks really happy, you made the right choice

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