MUMO 2010- Beauty Shots

I read through the blogs and and saw a few that I really liked. The rest were meh  -_- and consolidates the fact that beauty is indeed only skin deep. What I noticed from the blogs is that on the right hand side there are beauty shots of the participants. I have been waiting for the photos to be released on the official MUMO site like how they did with the swim suit shoot but it never happened so I thought to compile the all the girls photos here except for Nadine and Joey whose links were broken. Boo!

Before I start with the photos I wanted to highlight a few blogs that I thought were worth a mention as they actually took the time to update their blog with their thoughts on the events and proceedings and most importantly they updated their post with a lot of photos! The worst blogger award (at the moment)  I must say goes to Nadine. Click on their name and it will go to their blog, click on the quote/excerpt and it will go to the post that I was most interested in.

Joanne Choong: The Heart is tired at times. The flame is dying. The enthusiasm is fading.


Katherine Ng:

I knew where I went wrong. I was nervous, and I answered the questions with the mindset of getting the interview over without any screwups.


Sarah Yap:” Enough of my “sorry-sorry naik Lori story”….


*NOTE*  I love reading Sue Lynn’s post’s as they are quite entertaining to read and although I am not a fan of food blogs having her critique the food during pageant week was funny as hell and made it the perfect ‘behind the scenes’ posts.

Tiong Sue LynnA pity it was “French” portion. As most of you already know, I don’t don’t don’t like tiny portions.


Tracy Tan:

Today marks the beginning of PAGEANT WEEK. And yes, in some way, I find a distinct similarity between pageant week and National Service


Zoe Lee:

“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid of them!

The Lord your God will go ahead of you.

He will neither fail you nor forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31:6


*NOTE* And finally Xiang Yee who I think is one of the best bloggers in the competition so far. Her post create a well rounded individual who knows what to write and focus on during the pageant.

Chow Xiang YeeDay 3 (part 1) Hair and makeup fears, no more


It was really nice to have the participants upload heaps of photos and write about what has been happening and what they have learned, encountered and experienced during pageant week and I love the photos! Heaps of em!

Anyhoo, onto the good stuff…


Overall, all the photos were done well a few ‘meh -_-‘ shots but we won’t dwell too much on that. Below are a few of my favorites and a few photos that I thought could have been done better.

Strong shot of Charlene but I have a couple gripes with the photo, what the heck is that black string doing there? And there seems to be a problem with the colour of her face against her body.

I personally think Xiang Yee is one of the few girls who did well in both the full body and potrait shots.

Dalvin pawned this shot. Just beautiful.

Again another personal thought, I think Dhasha has best portrait shot among the group. But her full body shot was a

‘meh -_-‘

Out of all the contestants I think Cassandra and Zoe are the ones that I haven’t been able to see the potential in them. However, Cassandra does have legs up to here (points to my neck) and she is working it in this photo but still the only emotion I can muster up so far is a ‘meh -_-‘ feeling.

To me, Felixia has the best full body shot from the rest of the group. The dress is beautiful but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Strong, womanly, and a presence that can be felt from the photo.

Poor Jasmine, I am not sure what the direction was on this shoot but she looks scared and confused. The opposite of what is portrayed on her blog. She doesn’t look like the confident, know what she wants lady in this photo and I think her dress is ugly.

Speaking of ugly, what is that dress doing on Mourhrna???

Her look, pose and figure nailed both the full body and portrait shots but the dress, oh my…the dress took over and ate her up.

This shot is so romantic. Love it! Joanne looks like a feisty princess.

Another romantic shot. Tracy elegantly looking over her shoulder

A beautiful shot of Vera.

Doesn’t Gail remind you of a popular Malaysian Blogger Kim Ong?

The rest of the photos:

What do you think?

Till Then

p/s I do enjoy the chats and differing opinions.



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  1. Dear AudreyC,
    I received this pingback on my blog admin page and didn’t know what it was. So i followed it and voila, was lead to your page! Can u tell i’m such an amateur at blogging? :p Anyway, thanks for the nice comments. It’s a motivation for me to write more and better, because sometimes i wondered if anyone actually read them. Thank you heaps!!!

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